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Are We Open Today?

Maybe? As a mobile business, our locations and hours are always changing. We are not open daily but we routinely share our schedule online. For daily pop ups7, please check out our facebook: Hopper's Facebook Page

What if I have allergies?

Our mini donuts contain wheat, dairy, and soy. They are nut-free. Our oil is also soy-based.

Do you take cash or card?

We accept cash, card, and apple-pay (fancy, I know).

Want to be at our event?

Well aren't you sweet! We'd love to learn more about your event. Please fill reach us on our website:

Is there sales tax?

Yes. The state of Minnesota and the state of Wisconsin recognize our mini donuts (and other menu items) as taxable goods. The sales tax is determined by the location of our trailer. Like any other consumer purchase, sales tax is added on top of the menu price. However, to do away with counting pennies, we’ll include the tax in the menu price when you pay with cash.

What kind of oil do you use?

- Our oil is soy-based. For a full list of ingredients, please go to the “ingredients” page, which is found under the “Menu” tab

What do you put on top of your mini donuts?

- We pour cinnamon sugar on top of the donuts