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Hoppers at the PGA Tour | 3M Open. (L-R) Lee, Karen, Phil Tataurangi, Sara, & Cody
a little about Hopper's
Ever have a donut that changed your life?

I did, 4 years ago, when I ate my very first mini donut. It was the classic cake recipe, fried to perfection and coated in cinnamon sugar. The taste could only be described by the involuntary “mmm” I gave out on first bite. (If you’ve had our donuts, you know exactly what I’m talking about).

Ironically, my first bag of mini donuts was made by someone who would later co- found Hopper’s. His name is Cody Jacobsen, and here’s a little about him...

At a young age Cody began working for the “mini donut guy” of his local county fair. It was a summertime gig that turned into a full-time position as he got older. By the time I met him in 2015, he’d been slinging donuts for nearly 10 years.

So what happened after my introduction to mini donuts? I continued on my way. I soon took a promising position in commercial real estate. Similarly, Cody hung up his apron for a 9-5.

It wasn’t until Spring of 2018 that I had my “a ha” moment, and it consumed me. I had a vision and part of it was bringing Cody into this sweet venture. It took some convincing to pull him out of retirement, but as you already know Cody’s back in the kitchen!

In September of 2018 Hopper’s Mini Donuts was established. Based in Minnesota, it has quickly expanded into Wisconsin (with the support of my parents, Karen & Lee). Together we are bringing Hopper’s to fair, festivals, and more. Be careful though, one bite could change your life ;)
                                                                                                 - A note from Sara Hollingsworth, Owner of Hopper’s Mini Donuts
So what's a Hopper anyway?
The hopper is a crucial part of the donut fryer. A true multi-tasker, it works twice as hard as it performs two jobs:

     1. To hold the batter
     2. To form the donut as it is dropped into the oil

Our mini donuts are made to order = they are always hot and crisp. As we say, it’s always fresh out of Hopper’s!